In support of the PRSIST program’s flexible collection of adult practices and child activities, this section includes a series of professional learning videos to support educators (and others who routinely support children’s development) to understand and foster young children’s developing self-regulation. In these videos we talk about what self-regulation is, why it is important, how to find out about a child’s current self-regulatory abilities, and how to create leaning environments that support the development of self-regulation. 

When should you watch these videos?
It is preferable if these videos are viewed early in commencing the program, and in collaboration with the Adult Practices section. This will provide context and evidence-based research that will support your practices, and those that are outlined in the Adult Practices section.

How long are the videos?
The total length of the professional learning videos is approximately 1.5 hours. These have been broken into 5-15 minute segments that can be watched individually. It also allows you to easily revisit topics. It is recommended that upon first viewing, you watch the videos in the order presented on this site.

Who should watch the videos?
To promote consistency in understanding and practices within ECEC services, it is recommended that a minimum of two educators from your service watch the videos and engage in the program. Of course, as many educators as you like can participate in the program, and additional resources and materials on this site can minimise the burden of sharing professional learning and insights with new staff members or those just commencing the program. These resources have been developed to support educators working with children aged 3-5 years, but could be of interest and benefit to all educators.

Are there any supporting materials for the videos?
To enrich your engagement with the videos, and create opportunities for further learning, below each video we provide additional materials and resources. For each PRSIST talk we provide a PDF download of the presentation slides, and where appropriate we link to additional learning clips or readings. Reiterating what we mentioned earlier, these videos are meant to support our Adult Practices and thus are best watched either shortly before or after reading through the adult practices.