Additional Self-Regulation Resources

What can we do to support children’s self-regulation development? We believe there are everyday things that parents, educators and caregivers can do to provide experiences and opportunities for children to exert, challenge and extend their self-regulatory skills. These practices and activities are outlined on this site. We have also compiled these activities in a series of children’s books, linking the activities to plot points in the story as an easy and fun entry into the activities.

Within each book we have embedded a number of activities that can engage and extend young children’s self-regulation. We have specifically aimed to present activities that are fun, familiar and playful so you can play them again and again.

I Don’t Miss The Shopping List
A PRSIST Story & Cognitive Self-Regulation Resource.

Dexter is off to the supermarket for his Mum. Oh-no! Along the way he’s lost the shopping list! Now he must complete his task from memory. That should be easy enough, shouldn’t it? This book aims to support children to focus and sustain attention, resist distraction, persist in the face of challenge and be self-directed. Hallmarks of cognitive self-regulation.

Polly And Her Lolly
A PRSIST Story & Behavioural Self-Regulation Resource.

Polly is helping her Dad with some shopping. As an early thank you he buys her a fantastic lolly. But Polly must wait until all the shopping is done before she can have a taste. Can Polly resist? This book aims to support children to play by the rules, follow directions, control natural impulses and persist in the face of challenge. Hallmarks of behavioural self-regulation.

The Pear That Wasn’t There
A PRSIST Story & Social & Emotional Self-Regulation Resource.

Lottie’s brother tries to persuade her to try a different fruit when they find that the supermarket is out of pears. But, in Lottie’s eyes, will anything ever compare to a pear? This book aims to support children to follow social conventions, be helpful, control their emotional reactions and persist in the face of challenge. Hallmarks of social and emotional self-regulation.

Quincey Quokka’s Quest
A picture book in support of children’s cognitive development.

Follow Quincey as he makes his way back home to his Mum and Dad. Along the way he must cross many habitats and encounter many creatures, but not all of them want to help Quincey. But you can. Through a series of activities children are required to remember, control their actions and exert control over their thinking. In doing so, children gain valuable experience in support of their cognitive development.

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