Song/Story Lucky-Dip

What to do: Write the titles of children’s favourite songs and books on index cards and put these into a bag or box. Like a lucky dip, at story or song time select one child to draw an index card from the bag/box. This may not be the child’s preferred choice, permitting discussion of how to manage disappointment. This might include discussions about fairness, understanding perspectives and preferences of others, and that we don’t always get to do the things we want to do (although sometimes we do).

Too easy? How to increase challenge: After the child selects a story or song, have them find out whose favourite story or song it was, and why.

Ideal formation(s): Small group or large group.

What you need: Story or song titles written out, and added as index cards in a box or bag.

What it does: This activity challenges children’s ability to manage (potential) disappointment and persist with tasks that may be less desirable.

Links to EYLF:

  • Respond to ideas and suggestions of others (from Outcome 1.1)
  • Display awareness of and respect for others perspectives; Express a wide variety of emotions, thoughts and views constructively (from Outcome 1.4)
  • Begin to think critically about fair and unfair behaviour (from Outcome 2.1)
  • Show an increasing capacity to understand, self-regulate and manage their emotions in ways that reflect the feelings and needs of others; Remain accessible to others at times of distress, confusion and frustration (from Outcome 3.1)
  • Persist even when they find a task difficult (from Outcome 4.1)
  • Express ideas and feelings and understand and respect the perspectives of others (from Outcome 5.1)